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I encourage everyone to wear a stylish, beautiful scarf over their face mask when going out. Not only will it add beauty to our world, but it will let you reuse your mask, as you can easily decontaminate a scarf by ironing it on a high setting after and before each use. The Silk Bandanna sized scarves (apx.20"x20") that I make, and offer to sell to you are all one of a kind, and hand-painted and sewn by myself. They are luxury items priced under $100. If you are considering purchasing a new scarf, please review Vogue's online article titled "Right Now a Scarf is Your Best Friend" by Janelle Okwodu for price comparisons. Please note that of 24 similar sized scarfs shown, none are hand-painted or one of a kind, not even any of the five that are over $400!
Simply put, mine are a tremendous deal, and right now is a great time to purchase one or more. I recommend wearing mine with big sunglasses and a coordinating hat for extra levels of safety and mystery! Enjoy!