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My first trip to South Beach in 1991, wearing print I designed while working at J.B.J. in Manhattan.


South Beach before redevelopment, I wish this original walkway to the street was kept.


# 1 reason I moved to S.B. - Color!


My Imaginary concept of Miami illustrated for Michael Katz

Welcome to my Live/Work Studio


My Washington Avenue porch was perfect for painting silk on.

Local model Jamie Ridge drops by and poses for me!


Watercolor of The Delano


A neighborhood photo shoot in front of Hotel St.Augustine.

My stunning neighbor modeling for me


My neighbor on the porch of Hotel St. Augustine 

A patron enjoying my space

Watercolor of  Angela my neighbor

Ahh, of my favorite regulars! Broadway producer Dasha Epstein wearing her hand-painted stripes.


A design idea for Dasha


Getting ready to go out with a friend


And were out, painting the town violet?


Fashion Croquis for Emerald Trellis Bias Pleated Cross Scarf Dress

The finished product on a Jennifer Aniston Look-a-like, or is it really her? -photo credit Jose Ivannes

Aqua Zebra Bias Slip-dress on Kimberly


Mint + Violet Bias Scarf Wrap Dress Construction Croquis


Scarf Wrap Dress on a local model photographed by Jose Ivannes.


Girl with Hibiscus


My new neighbor Violeta, from ST. Petersburg - RUSSIA.


Violeta modeling a bias slip top, Photo by Jose Ivannes.


Sketch from the 12th street gay beach.


"Workin the party" *note to self - "Free Champagne Crowd" does not purchase.


Turn of the Millineum Promo Card modeled by my sister Jenny.


 Another party, this one,...Ocean Drive's 10th anniversary - Photo credit - Jose Ivannes.


A Local South Beach Beauty.

Another local beauty, Camila via Brazil.


Pashmina, my resident porch cat. I miss You!

A youth from the neighborhood dropped by regularly with her mom for dress-up. 

Brunch with publicists Extrodinair Irene Moore, Cher Murphy, friends, and Mother.


Enjoying a visit with my cousin Chuck and his family.


Days of body beautiful (past), with the help of David Barton Gym and all their amazing trainers, instructors, and staff! photo-Susan Egan

Watercolor from my view of South Beach Proper. Want to read more about any of these images? Let me know what ones you are curious about, and perhaps I'll write more about it. Stay tuned for more images from Miami - My Fashion Shows and photoshoots by photographer Jose Ivannes.