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As a soft spoken, Mid-level Awareness from the Dimension of Colour, I would like to acknowledge here, and now ~ I am a little bewildered as to where to begin, as my aspects are infinite. I sense... please understand ~ written and verbal language is secondary to my preferred choice of communication.

Let's start at the beginning. Consider this, what is your soul colour or colours? Is it singular or plural? Choose one, two, or several colours or the entire spectrum if that's what resonates on a spiritual level with yourself. Are they in one specific field, or do they encompass different ranges? Are these ranges side by side or opposing? Are there colours you choose to set them off with? If so, why, what does the pairing signify or accomplish? The possibilities and questions are endless; the choices are all yours.

Being Azure, my soul range is blue. Specifically, clean and clear blues on the pale side. Powder Blue, Periwinkle, Sky Blue, Baby Blue, Cloud Blue, Ice Blue, as well as shades influenced by the warmer neighbors of Aqua and Seagreen ~ Ceruleum and Seafoam. Our neighbor, on the other end - Violet, offers up her stunning Lavender and sensually scented Lilac for a complement.

French Ultra Marine and Cobalt are my central essences. I am distinguished when framed by Mid-night Blue or Indigo and cherished when set-off with Melons or Corals.

As a representative of the entire spectrum, I acknowledge the innate value, worth, and uniqueness of all colours. A rainbow is pure magnificence. My inner shades are more reflective and introspective, somewhat of a paradox of feelings - a balanced combination of joy and sadness that is my current reality.

Enough of myself. What about you? When did your colour(s) of personal alignment first speak to you, or persuade you to choose and identify them? Do you have a specific memory of such an event?

What do your favorite colours mean to you, and how do you feel as you think or experience them?

I feel expansive and secure, a sense of calmness as well. When adding my favored "set-off" colours, I feel whole and loved.

My earliest memory of identifying personal colours was as a toddler enjoying all the diversities of a full pack of crayons beside my mother.

"This is my favorite color, what is its name?"
"Cornflower Blue" - possibly my first recognition of letters; B~ L~ U~ E.
"It's see-through and so pretty; what are your favorite colors?" My mother holds my crayon between her long fingers, studies it, and picks out the melon Crayola and places the two side by side.

"These are my two favorite colors." I'm in awe of the combination; I feel love.