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Artist Statement 


 Witness to the action of co-creation, Michael is interested in a self-sensualized artistic experience, & process. Xe is a multi-genre, multi-dimensional, sentient artist, practiced in the areas of textile art & fashion art, currently writing the first novel of a series in the genre of Hermetic Fantastical Realism. Both xyr writing, visual & three-dimensional work involves crafting as a lifestyle. Emphasis on comfort, in the form of growth, sensuality, gender fluidity, & personal style is essential. 

A lifetime dedication to plein air watercolour study provides an organic reference point for my genres of preference. Dedication to self-exploration & self-expression is grounded by attention to craftsmanship. Focus is given to mindfulness of process through flow, with stylistic enhancement.


Process statement


 Process enhancement & innovation are directed by sustainable best practices. My initial process begins with a plein air sketchbook & watercolour practice where colour, flora, fauna, & landscape serve as inspiration. 

3D studio work involves transforming elements of the plein-air practice onto surface design work through a specialized process of hand-painting yardage of silk. At this stage, interest is given to the idea of layering through choices of textile, weave, print & pattern design as well as colour & shape emphasis. 

Inspirational croquis sketching, followed by experimental bias draping & cutting with a recognition of the playfulness of sacred geometry helps keep the energy of spontaneity toward the production's end result. 

Constructing, & sewing fabrics of my own print design into custom-made garments is a balance of personal inspiration where customer needs have preference. I strive to design aesthetically inventive, yet comfortable apparel for my clientele. A sense of accomplishment is recognized when seeing a client transformed while wearing a newly painted ensemble. This is the pleasure and enchantment of wearable art.


My work in literature flows from an appreciation of any & every form of artistry. Writing for me is like painting with my words. A pen, instead of a brush, creates sentences of colour & shape. My chosen oeuvre in literature is the novel, I esteem towards this goal through daily chapter writing. Writing in flow is my desired state of practice, I revise towards the reward of finishing something polished, substantial & beautiful.

Artist Bio


Michael grew up in rural Maine, and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 1989. While spending a year at Parsons School of Design in NYC in 1987, xe was hired as a silk-painting assistant to fashion designer Michael Katz. Here xe realized xyr's love of painting silk for fashion, xyr work for M.K appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country Magazine, The New York Post, & Bergdorf Goodman's 5th Avenue front windows.


In 1998, Michael opened Pony Studio in South Beach, Florida - specializing in hand-painted silk custom fashions. Xyr use of colour, original print design, & bias cutting emphasized confident feminine sensuality. Combined with custom/handmade quality, xe attracted international socialites, professional models, fashion editors, and creative leaders as clients. Between 2001 & 2004 xe produced six seasonal, benefit fashion shows.

In 2005, Michael relocated xyr studio to Maine, where xe is currently located. Xyr designs on silk have been widely reproduced by both national & international fashion brands. In 2020 xe realized the subject matter & theme of a series of novels xe had long desired to write. Starting with a memoir xe soon morphed the story into a series. The first book, ABRA’S WAY  Earth Goddess of Starseed is expected to be published in the mid-2020s.